Saturday, June 16, 2007

Telling secrets

Everybody has secrets. But not everybody you can share your secrets with. This is an important thing to remember, because once your secrets are shared with a wrong person, it is just too late to regret.

There's a story like this. It is about a lady named Serene. She has been dating with a married-man for more than 5 years. None of her friends knew about it. Although she knew he is an unfaithful man, she just couldn't control herself but to fall so deeply in love with this man.

That day was Serene's birthday. She has prepared everything for celebration that night. While she happily waited for the clock needle ticks to 5pm, the phone rang. After the phone call, she nearly had her phone slipped off her hand, luckily Mary caught it.

Mary is Serene's new colleague in her office. She saw Serene's reaction, and asked what happened. Serene simple answered nothing, and asked: "You aren't going home?" Mary replied sorrowfully, "I don't feel like going home, I rather stay back in the office...". Suddenly, Serene feel close to Mary, as she reckons that they seem to have similar problem. Both of them then went for dinner together.

During the dinner, Serene told Mary it was her birthday, and she got no one to accompany her. Mary told her that her last birthday was the same, her partner always leave her alone last-minute before their date, and that she has to share her partner...

When Serene hears till this, she couldn't stop her tears anymore, as she sees Mary as a mirror of herself. And then on, she poured all of her untold secrets for many years about her relationship with the married-man to Mary. That night, she felt so relieved and relaxed. Mary became her best friend overnight.

But one thing Serene couldn't understand was, her colleagues in the office were slowly changing their attitude towards her. She felt weird and uncomfortable whenever she look into their eyes. And one day, one of her close colleague finally tell her: "The entire office has known about your relationship with the married-man. Why did you tell Mary about it? You didn't know she's a gossip-broadcaster?" Serene asked frantically, "How could she do that? She's in the same situation as I am!". Her colleague answered in surprise, "Impossible! She just got married a year back..."

Serene was both shocked and furious. She rushed to Mary's seat, "Why did you tell others my secret? Why you cheated me when you've just got married a year ago?!?!". Mary shrugged-off and replied sarcastically, "I just want to make you feel better when you hear someone has the same problem as you. Moreover, if I didn't make up this story, you wouldn't have tell me your secret." After saying that, she turned and chuckled as she move away from Serene, leaving Serene standing helplessly, regretfully...but all is too late...

So, we learned something important here. Don't simply reveal your secret or something concerning your own privacy to people you don't really trust or know. Don't trust someone else's story that may sound similar to yours and think that he/she will not reveal your secret because you know their secret as well, because it may very well be made-up to trap your secret out.